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How to make .wto file from a custom 3d object rather than images or vidoes.


For some reason, I don't have the object to track with me so I cant film it. but I have its exact 3d model with me. 

Is there any way to make .wto file from the available 3d model. 

Any suggestions would a great help. 



You can find details on how to generate object targets here:

The first step is to collect images from your object. This step is essential, as the source material will determine the quality of your Object Target. In general, it does not matter where the images originate from - either manually taken or generated and rendered in a 3D/CAD software.

So you can also export images (it's important that these include the textures) from a 3D / CAD software.

Thx and greetings


Is there any video tutorials or documentation showing how we can use obj files?


With Wikitude SDK 9.2, beta testers now have the additional possibility of using 3D models as the source material for the object target reference map creation process. 

The new augmented reality object tracking input method works with .obj files, CAD models, and other 3D model formats.

The Wikitude Team

Hi Nicola, 

That's a smart way. it solved my problem as of now. 

I have a query that if I want to make a game and want to publish it on both IOS and Android play store, then would I have to buy two licenses or just one as the app is the same but platforms are different. 



Hi Pankaj,

As our commercial SDK licenses include 1 Android, 1 iOS and 1 UWP license key you'll only need to purchase 1 SDK product. You can find all needed details on the product detail pages in the online store.

Thx and greetings


Thanks, Nicola, that sounds great.

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