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Object recognition in Unity, optimization and jerking

I've made and object recognition for a bottle, and I want to attach a 3D model in some part of the bottle when recognizing it, it works, the problem is that there is some kind of jerking and the camera of the mobile has low FPS in Unity and also in the build.

This doesn't happen in the Wikitude Studio preview, there the object is accurately placed overlapping the bottle and doesn't have that jerking and that low fps.

In Unity the tracker efficiency is in high accuracy, the Wikitude camera has activated the camera 2 API, camera resolution in auto, camera framerate in auto.

Mobile Used: Honor 6X

SDK version:8.9.0

Unity version:2019.2.6f1 

Thanks in advance :D

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Thank you for reporting this issue. If possible, could you share some videos, comparing the performance in Unity with that of the Wikitude Studio preview?

Are the augmentations in Unity particularly heavy (high polygon count or a lot of GameObjects)? Perhaps you could try with a very simple augmentation?

Thank you,

Hello Wikitude Support we have waited for a long time a answer about this problem. We see that the FPS drops to 7 when there is detected a simple object, this doesn't happend in the editor.


We think that we can't use your system anymore if we can't do anything simple and the support team doesn't answer our questions...

Dear Guillermo,

Your post / request is assigned to our internal technical team for investigation and checking. As we also inform our forum users, once they create a post, the answer time might vary and I hope you can understand that we have our processes and answering times might not be within a day or 2, depending on the severity, load of the team and amount of support our team has to work on.

In case you're concerned with our support or also quality of our product, we're glad that you make use aware and let us know so we can improve, but of course we understand, that if you're not satisified you might choose another vendor / product.

Thx for your understanding.



I apologise  I couldn't answer sooner.

There are a few things that you could try, since we don't seem to reproduce this issue locally. First, please check that you're building for ARM64. If this is disabled in the build settings, performance will be significantly lower. Also, please make sure that you're not doing a debug / development build.

Additionally, you could also check if you can see the same performance issues when using our sample project with the firetruck object. You can find a 360 view of that object in our documentation.

Thank you,


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