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Update ARCore to newest version


first of all: thanks for creating this awesome piece of software!

In this thread Daniel states that the Wikitude SDK is built against ARCore version 1.1.0, which is quite outdated, as the most recent ARCore version is 1.12.0.

I do understand, that updating to a newer ARCore version potentially requires changes in the Wikitude SDK, however ARCore implemented vertical plane detection in version 1.2.0, which would be very convenient to have. This feature could maybe be integrated with the existing trackingPlaneOrientation property of AR.InstantTracker.

Is there any chance, we see a version bump of the ARCore library in the future to support platform assisted vertical plane detection?


Hi Aaron,

utilizing a larger feature set of ARCore is definitely something we would like to add in future versions, the same goes for ARKit on iOS. Having said that, we have different priorities currently, so I cannot promise that for the very near future.

- Daniel


thanks for the quick reply.

Is there any way I can implement this exact change myself?

Digging into the code, I would probably only have to replace one line in the Wikitude SDK, when configuring the ARCore session (see documentation):

config.setPlaneFindingMode(Config.PlaneFindingMode.HORIZONTAL); //before
config.setPlaneFindingMode(Config.PlaneFindingMode.HORIZONTAL_AND_VERTICAL); //after


Hi again Aaron,

I'm by no means an export in Java, so I don't even know whether you could decompile, change and re-compile our SDK, but, assuming you could for the sake of discussion, you'd not only have additional planes reported through the planes API, but also mess with the state change from initialization state to tracking state as we perform a hit test onto planes to know when ARCore is ready to provide a tracking pose. If you happen to hit a vertical plane instead of a horizontal plane, I think you'd get a coordinate system in the tracking state that does not represent the coordinate system of the initialization state. It will 'snap up' 90°. Of course I'm only guessing at this point and there's probably several other things I'm not thinking of right now, but since I cannot recommend changing the SDK by such means anyway, I'm not going to investigate the matter further.

- Daniel

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