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I can't manage to track my object in different locations

I'm working on a project for a customer and I'm having Problems with tracking an object. The object I want to track is a 3D-printed Model of a section of a city. It's mainly a white plane with some houses in different sizes and shapes. While most of the model is just white, there are some streets and parcels colored grey and there is a light blue river. You can see some images of the model below. The size of the model is about 50x50 cm.

I tried to use object tracking for the project. The problem is, I don't really know how I should take the photos for the object tracking. I have tried a few things. As you can see below, I made a dark room and took photos from all different angles and directions. I used these photos to make a wto.-file und import it in unity. The problem is, when the model is in another room/location with other light sources, it does get recognized pretty badly by my software. It does recognize the model from time to time but only if I'm filming straight from top down, and very inconsistently.

Then, as my model is mostly flat and just the houses stick a bit out, I tried to use Image Tracking. I took some top down photos of the model with light from different directions and used them as a target collection. Same problem here: it gets recognized when you look from the top, but as soon as you don't look straight from the top down, it doesn't get recognized anymore.

Now I'm struggling to find a position and/or lighting conditions, so that I can track the model even if it is in different locations with different lighting conditions from as many angles as possible.

Should I try to scan it with smooth daylight that comes from all directions? Or should I scan it with various different lighting setups, hoping that one of the lighting setups randomly comes close to the location the model is in?

My customer wants to use it in different locations, so it has to work without depending on the location of the model.

I hope you have some tips for me on how to scan and track this object as good as possible. Looking forward to your feedback

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I'm still having the problems. Please help

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