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3d encoder issues with importing simple animation from FBX

I have created a coin model in blender that has a simple spinning animation. I've exported this to an FBX, and the animation appears fine in other FBX viewers.

When I import it into the encode tool, the animation is picked up, but with these weird wobbling artifacts. These artifacts appear to be different every time the model is re-exported from Blender and imported into the encode with no changes to the model.

fbx from blender and wt3 file from the encoder are attached

(42.7 KB)

Hi Simon,

I managed to reproduce what you are describing. Since your model is working in the FBX reviewer, we'll treat this as a bug of the Wikitude 3D encoder. I'll have created internal bug report for it.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel.

Thanks for that.

I did  find a work around for it. It seems to be caused by some rounding issue with the rotation value in the intermediate frames. When I set the key frames to be every 25 frames for 90 degrees of rotation instead of 24 the problem seemed to go away.

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