Wikitude SDK 8.7 is out!

Wikitude SDK 8.7: new UWP feature, Extended Image Tracking range, and AR platform improvements

Wikitude SDK 8.7 is out! This update adds some pretty impressive performance enhancements and a few new features you can’t miss.

Every 6 weeks Wikitude runs an effective AR SDK maintenance and quality assurance program to ensure our developers always have access to a high-performing AR platform. Here’s what’s new for our latest:

  • Increased Image Tracking detection range (+50%)
  • Faster camera frame processing and stability enhancements
  • Preparation to support Apple’s iOS 13 
  • External camera support for Windows in Unity Editor

To find more regarding our new release, take a look at the blog post here.

The new feature is now available for download with a free unlimited trial.

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