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Object Recognition Issues

Hello. For my project, I need to recognize fairly large objects from the outside. In this regard, several questions arose.


Firstly, under what conditions is it necessary to take a photo to create Object Targets in Wikitude Studio.

I took some photos in sunny weather (sunny.jpg) and in cloudy weather (cloudy.jpg). The fact is that an Object Target made in sunny weather is almost

not recognized on a cloudy day. How strongly do weather conditions affect recognition, and please give recommendations, in what

conditions should I take a photo for better recognition?


Secondly, the photo taken by my phone has a FOV value of 154.9 deg in EXIF ​​tags (rathaus,jpg). When uploading a photo, Wikitude Studio

automatically detects this value and builds an incorrect marker (154fov.png). However, if you manually enter a lower FOV value,

for example 73.7, the correct marker is built (73fov.png). Could you tell by what formula FOV is considered, and how to fix this problem?


Best regards,

Kapli Mochi.

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