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3D Model at Geolocation + Limit number to nearest X objects

Does the latest version of Wikitude allow for 3D Objects to be placed in geolocation view? I have no problem getting images to work using the 10_BrowsingPois_2_AddingRadar template but can't get 3D models to show. Tried the various threads I have seen here but no luck so far. Also, if I load up 100 of these objects, can I ONLY show the closest X models based on location? Unruly with so many images. Thanks

Hi Olin,

You can find a sample for working with location based 3D models here:

Please note that the accuracy is dependent on the GPS fix accuracy.

Thx and greetings


Thanks! I was able to use the POI geolocation template to load my data and custom images remotely. Was trying to get 3D models instead of images to load with the POI demo and nothing I tried seemed to work. I did try the above template. Is there one with multiple 3D models by geolocation?

Also, is there a way to limit the number of models shown to a set number based on distance away?

Thanks! Love the platform. We are close to launching our app.


We don't offer a specific sample with multiple 3D models, but with the 3D model at geolocation and the checking how to work with multiple Augmentations, you should find everything you need.

For limiting the models displayed via distance best is to check the POI sample 'Limiting Visible POIs'. If you only want to load a certain amount of models instead of hiding/showing, then you'd need to implement this based on the requirements.



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