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Android crash setLightEstimationMode

I'm using Wikitude SDK on an Android Xamarin App.
I've installed Xamarin.Wikitude.SDK.JS version 8.6.0 nuget package.

In my project I have 2 wikitude experience: imageOntarget and 3dmodelsandgesturetracking. The first one works without any problem, but the second one crashes on startup. It seems something related to setLightEstimationMode but I cant't understand what causes the problem. I attach the console output.

I'm running the example 05_InstantTracking_3_Interactivity on Samsung Galaxy S8

No pending exception expected: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No virtual method setLightEstimationMode(Lcom/google/ar/core/Config$LightEstimationMode;)V in class Lcom/google/ar/core/Config; or its super classes (declaration of '' appears in /data/app/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-2o7U_ByKTJBW9vPIXZeXHA==/base.apk)

at com.wikitude.common.arcore.internal.ArCoreTracker.k() (SourceFile:462)

at void com.wikitude.common.arcore.internal.ArCoreTracker.a() (SourceFile:177)

at void com.wikitude.common.arcore.internal.NativeArCoreInterface.start() (SourceFile:42)

at void (SourceFile:-2)

at void (SourceFile:194)

at void (SourceFile:368)

at void (SourceFile:85)

at void (SourceFile:37)

at void com.wikitude.architect.PlatformBridge.callAsyncImplInternal(long, java.lang.String) (SourceFile:-2)

at void com.wikitude.architect.PlatformBridge.callAsyncImpl(java.lang.String) (SourceFile:134)

at void com.wikitude.architect.PlatformBridge$a.a(java.util.List, int) (SourceFile:66)

at void com.wikitude.architect.PlatformBridge$ (SourceFile:40)

Thanks in advance

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I've found out! The problem was the package Xamarin.Google.ARCore used to check if device supports AR and user had installed ARCore. This plugin conflicts with Wikitude SDK so after removing it, Wikitude AR started working

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