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8.1 version doesn't work in Android ARM64

I am making AR app in Unity android and iOS by using your sdk.
I had already bought your One-time plan of €1990.

But, recently I faced serious issue.
I have changed build setting into 64bit(IL2CPP), and then AR camera of your engine does not work.
I made it with 8.1.

In above url, it says

"With Wikitude SDK 8.0 (July 2018), the Unity plugin is ready to work with 64-bit version but needs some manual configuration, with Wikitude SDK 8.4 (April 2019) the Unity plugin is by default configured for support of 64-bit. "

And then, what should I do manual configuration?

Please, help me as soon as possible.


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Hi Kuni,

Here are some details on the steps that should help:

If you are using 2018.1 or later, you can enable experimental support  for 64 bit builds on Android from Player Settings. To enable 64 bit  support in the Wikitude binaries, copy the .aar files from the Libraries/Android/ARM64 folder inside the downloaded package into the Asssets/Plugins/Android folder in the Unity project folder, replacing the existing ones there. After that, simply build as usual.

If the issue persists, please let us know.



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