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WTArchitectView freezes sometimes when calling its stop method


I'm using the wikitude Javascript SDK 8.5 for iOS.

While making validation tests we found out that sometimes the WTArchitectView stop method freezes or sometimes WTArchitectView freezes just after loading the JS model (architectView:didFinishLoadArchitectWorld delegate method).

These scenarios happen most of the time with an iPhone6 or iPhone6+ (we have iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPhone7, iPhone7+, iPhoneX, iPhone8, iPhone SE for our testings).

The only thing that I have noticed with the Xcode debugger is that the freeze occurs in the wikitude::universal_sdk::imp::SplashScreenManager::destroy method (waiting for a std::mutex).

In our application we are using the wikitude JS SDK version 8.5 with a custom camera plugin. 

what have I done wrong ?


Thanks in advance.

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