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Cannot scale up 3d model


I'm using Wikitude JS SDK in Android. I have issues with scaling down the 3D models now. In my testing, I can scale down the earth model from SDK samples. But I cannot scale up the model I have.

Here's the code and model I'm using

new AR.Model(region.arAssetUri, {
onError: World.onError,
scale: {
x: 3.0,
y: 3.0,
z: 3.0,
onClick: onClick,

Hi, Aitor,

I’m using the latest Wikitude Android SDK (js version) which is 8.6.0. Yes, the scale works well for the earth model inside the sample but it’s not working for the model I uploaded. Is there any limitation for the model?



Hi Jack,

Everything seems to be fine with the piece of code you sent to us. I also tried to change the scale of our current 3D model examples and everything is working as expected, so I would require i bit more of information: May i ask which Wikitude JS SDK version are you using? Any console error that you can share?

Thank you,


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