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Samples for Flutter / Wikitude Studio for Flutter

Hi, firstly, thank you for supporting Flutter.

I want to develop an AR program using Flutter. To use Wikitude on it, I read the official webpages including setup/start guide, documents, index.html and readme files related to them. However, I'm having trouble even in starting.

* Currently, I followed Setup Guide Flutter( and succeeded to build with wikitude plugin package.

Here are some questions, and I'd be glad if you reply to them.

1. Official webpage

I'd like to execute samples, which all of the included are complete augmented reality experiences which run in Flutter Samples app(as stated in that page). If Flutter Samples means the file here(, how can I run Wikitude samples in them?

2. wikitude-sdk-samples-master(

- How can I execute official examples or tutorials, including sample files in SDK, in Flutter? Opening 'index.html' in desktop, or mobilephone doesn't work.

- For example, in case of '05_InstantTracking_1_SimpleInstantTracking'(in wikitude-sdk-samples-master), should I translate JavaScript file in '/js' folder to Dart language by myself? Or is there any demo file which can be executed directly?

3. What I want to implement is 'Instant Tracking' function(0:22-0:34 in in the Flutter App.

- What is the difference between Wikitude Studio and not using it?

- If I don't use Wikitude Studio, does it mean download SDK(Wikitude_Flutter_Plugin_8-6-0_0-0-1_2019-07-16_12-11-03) and write codes, using files in that folder, in Android Studio(Flutter)?

- If I use Wikitude Studio, how can I import it to Android Studio(Flutter)? Exporting the project to Android Studio?

Sorry for many questions, it's because I'm new to this kind of project and there is little information for FlutterXWikitude.



Hi Nagyeong,

Thanks to you for using it!

I will try to answer the questions one by one:

1) The Flutter Samples that we are talking about are the ones in 2) We are preparing a Flutter application showing the usage of the plugin which will be delivered as soon as possible.

2) To execute those samples you need to copy them into a folder inside your Flutter project, import them in the .yaml file as an asset dependency (remember that Flutter requires to import all the specific folders, not only the root path of the example) and then call architectWidget.load(path, successCallback, failCallback). As said in 1) we are preparing a project with all this 

3) Wikitude Studio is the tool you can use to generate an AR environment. Once it is created, you can export it and include it in your html project. Here is a little tutorial of how to use it:

I hope you have some doubts taken away.

Thanks again,


Thank you for your reply.


I copied '05_InstantTracking_1_SimpleInstantTracking' into my Flutter project folder, imported all of them in the .yaml file as an asset dependency, and wrote 'this.architectWidget.load("<<PATH TO>>/05_InstantTracking_1_SimpleInstantTracking/index.html", onLoadSuccess, onLoadFailed);' in onArchitectWidgetCreated() method and also in _incrementCounter() to see if the code works or not. However, I think I'm doing wrong because I still see 'Flutter Demo Home Page' only.

Also, thank you for your reply about Wikitude Studio and I'll be waiting for a Flutter application:)



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