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Unable to recognise the object

I am uploading my laptop images and trying to create a target image but unable to recognise the object can anyone please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

Images are enclosed with this.


Can you also please check the point cloud with the Studio Editor - you can see this once you uploaded the images to Studio and created the .wto file. If you open it in the Studio Editor, you'll see the pointcloud of the generated object. If there are only a few points shown, this indicates that the object is very suitable for object recognition. If you feel that the object in general should be suitable (also after checking the best practice guide) you can extend the Object Map with additional images that you can add to the .wto file (from further different angles, from further away, ...). 

In general as the laptop is very dark and only has some structure, it might be that it's reco and tracking quality is not optimal, but with the details mentioned above you should be able to do further test and see if it improves.

Thx and greetings


How can I use video file to create target object where to add this video file?


Starting with version 8.0 of the Wikitude SDK, Object Targets can be generated from a set of images, instead of a single video. This approach has several advantages over the video-based conversion. For that, we recommend image-based conversion as the preferred method. It will always produce better results compared to the video-based conversion.

Details can be found here:



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