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How I can use multi wtc file

I want to pass into AR.TargetCollectionResource a few wtc files.

Can I do it?

Or, maybe you can suggest me another methods? 

Hi Yegor,

Yes this is possible. Please refer to our documentation section here and to the corresponding sample.



Thank you. 

I'm doing that and all is good.

For example, I have 2 WTC files with different quantity of photos. 

And I want to use both WTC files in AR.TargetCollectionResource. 

So Wikitude must search images in both WTC files at the same time

Hi Yegor,

It's not possible to have 2 .wtc files active at the same time. If you have 2 .wtc files, you'd need to switch between those two (e.g. check one and if the image is not found - check the second one).

If all the images have to be 'searchable' at the same time, best would be to add all the images to the same .wtc file.

Thx and greetings


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