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Wikitude 8.5 Fatal Camerta Error on Nokia 6.1

When deploing our App with Wikitude 8.5 and Unity 2018.4.2f1 (though older versions of Unity produce the same results) on a Nokia 6.1 (Android version 9), we get the following error from Unity:

"ERROR_CAMERA_DEVICE received, indicating that the camera device has encountered a fatal error." (I'll add the complete Android Error Log ASAP)

The camera image is black and the app crashes after a few seconds.

The same does not happen if we deploy the exactly same app with Wikitude 8.2.

Everything works just fine with that version of Wikitude. It also works fine with Wikitude 8.5 on a Nokia 7.1.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


do you have any news regarding this issue?


I'm sorry for the lack of communication. We're still trying to figure out what is wrong. If possible, could you please try to reproduce the issue on the affected device with the SDK version available at the following link? It has additional logging that hopefully will point us in the right direction.

Thank you,


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