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captureScreen() -- any way to get path for image returned?

I have 'captureScreen()' working properly and see screenshots appearing in my phone's library.

I do not get the path to the new image taken when I take it, however.

I have looked at the documentation and it does not look like this is a feature. 

I think users can use this return value in code so they can display a 'Post to Social Media?' modal or do other things immediately with the screenshot.

Is there a way to get this (new image) file path? Could this be a new feature?

Hi Neal,

assuming this is iOS we're talking about, you should be able to call captureScreenWithMode:usingSaveMode:saveOptions:context: with the WTScreenshotSaveMode_Delegate parameter. That will not automatically save the screenshot to the photo library, but you will be able to do so yourself from within the WTArchitectViewDelegate, allowing you to manage the path as you see fit.

- Daniel

Okay, thanks for the information. 

*I am using the Cordova solution, do you have any way to make this work from javascript?

If no, I can try overriding the files you mention above, but is there also a way to do this for Android?



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