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RelativeLocation GeoObject Odd Behavior On Android But Normal on iOS

I am developing an app that uses the Cordova plugin and Wikitude SDK 8.3. The app uses RelativeLocation GeoObjects. I developed it testing on iOS 12 using multiple devices. On iOS the relative location behaves as expected - the objects are placed at the position, stay put, (occasionally jump when my phone updates location but that's expected), and when I pan the camera around the objects stay where they are.

I recently bought a Google Pixel 3a to test the app on the latest version of Android. I accept the GeoLocation permissions and all. The RelativeLocation GeoObjects have some odd behavior though:

1) When they are on the screen the constantly move in a smooth manner from left to right and back.

2) When I pan my camera they follow my view up until a certain point and then they stop.

3) Even the object that is set using specific lat/long values is way off and moves with the object as I pan. As in I have a marker set to a specific lat/long value and when I move my camera it moves with it.

I debounce the setLocation and LocationChanged functions so they aren't called constantly. I am using the latest Android/Java SDK. I am indoors.

I can send a video within the next few days if it helps, but I want to ask first:

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Is there a known fix for the problem I am fixing? What could be causing this to happen on Android but not on iOS?

Thank you!

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In addition to the above problem. When I try to use the InstantTracking feature (which I copied from the sample app) it works perfectly on my iPhone with iOS 12.2, however I get an error when using it with Android.

Please note, when I get the following error I am in the same position, and looking at the same thing as with my iPhone.

On iPhone there is no error. On my new Google Pixel 3a running Android I receive:

"Javascript Error (Code '1006', Domain 'InstantTracking'): The ARCore instant tracking state could not be changed to 'Tracking' because an anchor could not be added. This usually happens when the scene contains too few features. Try looking around to capture more of your surrounding."

Again, this feature works perfectly in the same room with iOS.

Sorry for writing 2 different issues in one post. This has become more of a moving from iOS to Android issues post.

Is there anything with a new Android phone that I should be doing to 1) Allow the RelativeLocation / GeoLocation to act accurately / normally as it does on iOS and 2) Allow for InstantTracking because the same app and scene works flawlessly on iOS.

Thank you,


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