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Not receving email from studio to download offline project


i have a project generated with wikitude studio, i have uploaded some images as targets and uploaded some resources, but i'm not receving the email to download the offline project.

I have tried with several accunts, email, and projects, but none worked.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Luis,

We are experiencing a temporary issue with our email service provider that is affecting: registration procedures, wtc & wto file generation, download offline projects and other email-related procedures. We are currently working to solve the problem and will share updates as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Hi Luis,

The issue has been fixed so you can continue using Studio.

Thanks again for your patience,


Thank you!

Same issue is happening again


We fixed the issue and everything should be working as expected again. We're very sorry for your inconveniences.




Hi, I have the same problem.

Hi Fabio,

As we're not aware of any issues, could you please provide further details if the email arrived at all but later or not at all and if this is a constant issue and happens again if you'd trigger the download now?

Thx and greetings


Hi, I have the same problem. WTO file could not create on Studio. Could you help us?

I have tried a lot of times for 3 days.

I just tried yesterday but nothing, I don't recive any email with the link to download the WTO file of my project.

On the other hand, the ability to create wtc files for image tracking works well.


Sorry for our late reply. We did further investigations and found a stuck job which hindered some emails to be delivered successfully. We fixed the behavior - can you please try again.

Again we're sorry for the inconvenience.



Thanks for reply. Now it works.

Did it happen again? I have made a couple of requests, without email response. 

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