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Change GeoObject Orientation


I am working on an Android app using wikitude with the GeoLocation feature. Part of the app is to show AR directions from user's location to a point of interest. I am using Google Directions API to get coordinates for the road and I want to show arrows from user's location to a specific POI.

If the road is straight everything is ok, but if the road goes left or right, the arrow still shows forward instead of left or right, like shown in the first image. I need the arrow to point on the direction of the poi, as the red one in the second image.

I thought to change the orientation of each arrow (which represents a GeoObject) to the next GeoObject, as the arrows always point the correct way. It's a bit similar to the indicator of a selected POI. Is there a method to change the orientation as described?

I hope I explained my problem clear,

Thank you in advance

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indicator drawables always point to the directions to the edge of the screen towards GeoObjects that are not shown on the screen. To add to indicate the user to turn right you could create a GeoObject at the road intersection and give it an arrow ImageDrawable pointing in the direction.

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