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Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_WTArchitectView

Hi All, Can you help me fix this bug ? when I upgraded to Xcode 10 so my project appear that error.


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When searching for the issue 'not found for architecture i386‘ , i found e.g. this thread in Stackoverflow: or this one:

I hope these help in fixing the setup.




This sounds like a setup / build problem rather than a technical issue of the SDK. Please have a look if you find details for the issue 'not found for architecture....' in any apple / xcode forums and make sure that your build settings are correct.

Thx and greetings


There seems to be an issue with Wikitude 8.5.0. I've created a brand new project, integrate SDK as explained in the documentation, set Bitcode to NO (as expected) and set the Deployment Target to iOS 10.0 (because that's what I need). I can't Archive (therefore can't deploy to the App Store). I got the same error as @Phuoc Le described in the screenshot. 

I have to upgrade the Deployment Target to iOS 11.0 in order to make it work. But I'm leaving iPhone 5 and 5c behind. 

Building for debug is working fine but no the Archive process. I think this is a technical issue of the SDK.

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