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Target creation failed for XXX - how to create object target using 3D model

I do not succeed in creating object target 

here is the error : 'Target creation failed for XXX. We couldn't create an Object Target or extend an existing one from your image files'

As well, I don't know what should I put in the field of view. I am using OnePlus3 to take pictures.

Also, I would like to know how could I use 3d CAD models to create my object target. Which CAD Software should I use? I can't find any tutorial.

Here are the pictures I used

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With Wikitude SDK 9.2, beta testers now have the additional possibility of using 3D models as the source material for the object target reference map creation process. 

The new augmented reality object tracking input method works with .obj files, CAD models, and other 3D model formats.

The Wikitude Team

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