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Plane detection and object tracking Unity


I used extende object tracking in Unity to recognise a certain device.

If recognised, I want there to be placed a 3D model of that object somewhere on the surface close to it. To be able to chose a good location for the 3D model on the surface, I want to use plane detection to recognise the surface, find a flat spot, and drop the model on it. My questions are:

1.  Is it possible to do object tracking and plane detection at the same time?

2.  Do you have some more documentation on doing this because this information really isn't enough for me to do plane detection. Maybe you have some tutorial? That would come in really handy!

I'm using Unity 2018.3.8f1 (64-bit)

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We currently don't support the usage of Object Recognition and Plane Detection at the same time in the same experience in our SDK - so you'd need to switch somehow.

In regards to documentation and samples - we only offer one sample and the according section on the Unity documentation. If you have specific problems / errors with it, please us know.



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