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object target queued forever

I uploaded some photos to generate a new target objet, but after uploading it says "queued..." and stays there forever. I tried creating another target and uploading again, but the same thing happened. Is something going on with the server? or maybe there's an issue with my account?

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Now it's working. Thank you again. 

Could you check again? The system had to process all waiting tasks in the queue. 

My problem continues. Progress circle bar does not come. Just says "Queued ...".  I removed targets and uploaded again. Nothing changes. 

Thank you. 



Thank you for reporting the issue. We fixed it for now and we will add a better monitoring to prevent such issues in the future.

I have same problem. Wikitude Studio needs an offline version to overcome such issues.

I am also experiencing this currently with two projects. It has been queueing for about 7 hours. 

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