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onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision never fire.

I hav eplaced onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision  on both GeoObjects and InstantTrackables and in both cases niether event fired, ever.

Have these been deprecated?

I cannot find any examples of these two handlers in any of the demo code.

Please find my code snippet a 

this.geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(location,
        drawables: {
            cam: [modelEarth],
            indicator: [indicatorDrawable]
		onClick: function() {
			alert("onClick - 3D Geolocation");
		onEnterFieldOfVision: function() {
			alert("onEnterFieldOfVision - 3D Geolocation");
		onExitFieldOfVision: function() {
			alert("onExitFieldOfVision - 3D Geolocation");



Could you try extending an SDK sample app to validate whether this is a real issue (e.g. Planets demo).

Additionally, please try using console.log or updating a div instead of using the alert.

Best regards,

Thanks for replying. The code snippet above is from the my changes to the 3D Model at a GeoLocation demo. I have also tried console.log and other methods for registering the event but to no avail.

I will modify the demo that you've linked to above and post the changes, in full, if they dont work.

I just tried the events with the Solar System demo and they worked perfectly. The only difference that I can see is that the 3D-model-at-gelocation demo uses a 3D model whereas the Solar System demo uses images. This leads me to some questions:

1) Do onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision work with InstantTrackables?

2) Do onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision work with GeoObjects that only have 3D models as their drawables?

Hi Timothy,

my apologies for the very late reply, I lost track of this issue. Is this issue still current?

- Daniel


No worries and yes, it is still current. Are there any demos that have the exact cases that I'm referring to?

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