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onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision never fire.

I hav eplaced onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision  on both GeoObjects and InstantTrackables and in both cases niether event fired, ever.

Have these been deprecated?

I cannot find any examples of these two handlers in any of the demo code.

Please find my code snippet a 

this.geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(location,
        drawables: {
            cam: [modelEarth],
            indicator: [indicatorDrawable]
		onClick: function() {
			alert("onClick - 3D Geolocation");
		onEnterFieldOfVision: function() {
			alert("onEnterFieldOfVision - 3D Geolocation");
		onExitFieldOfVision: function() {
			alert("onExitFieldOfVision - 3D Geolocation");



No worries and yes, it is still current. Are there any demos that have the exact cases that I'm referring to?

Hi Timothy,

my apologies for the very late reply, I lost track of this issue. Is this issue still current?

- Daniel


Could you try extending an SDK sample app to validate whether this is a real issue (e.g. Planets demo).

Additionally, please try using console.log or updating a div instead of using the alert.

Best regards,

Thanks for replying. The code snippet above is from the my changes to the 3D Model at a GeoLocation demo. I have also tried console.log and other methods for registering the event but to no avail.

I will modify the demo that you've linked to above and post the changes, in full, if they dont work.

I just tried the events with the Solar System demo and they worked perfectly. The only difference that I can see is that the 3D-model-at-gelocation demo uses a 3D model whereas the Solar System demo uses images. This leads me to some questions:

1) Do onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision work with InstantTrackables?

2) Do onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision work with GeoObjects that only have 3D models as their drawables?

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