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Slow, laggy camera on Wikitude 8.0.0 InstantTracker

 Dear community, Dear support,

I am currently experiencing camera laggs on my Huawei P10 lite when trying to build the InstantTracking example.

Can someone tell me what might cause this? THe camera itself has an 8 core CPU.

Am I missing something?

 I'm sorry. To elaborate on this a bit more: I also tested the current version. I am experiencing the same results. My phone is not even a year old and I would consider it at least a mid-class phone according to its specs. Could it be a Unity setting that does this?


Is the lag also present in the other examples (ImageTracking, ObjectTracking)? Were there any changes made to the project, or is it the same version as the one provided in the download package?

Can you please try to change the camera resolution in the WikitudeCamera inspector to SD and see if the lag stays the same?

Can you also try to disable the SMART option in the InstantTracker inspector and check if that has any effect on performance?

Finally, a small video would be really helpful for us to understand the nature of the lag you are experiencing.

Thank you,


Dear support,

the lag itself is also present during object tracking. Reducing the resolution doesn't help. Since this is a project that is being developed for more than several months, of course there were changes made. However, I created a new project with the unitypackage provided in the 8.3 version and I got the same results :(. Since my phone doesnt support ARKit and the other thing I had to use SMART, which works as a fallback,, as far as I understand. When I change the phone with am AR-Kit Support, the problem does not exist. Object and Instant tracking are crucial for our project. And we need to make it available on as many phones as possible.

I can certainly make a video throughout the day. Basically the issue can be descibed as a slow, delayed camera rendering.


Is the issue present on any other (non-ARKit) devices? We don't have the exact model, and we couldn't reproduce the issue on other devices.

A video would still be useful to get a better idea about the issue.

Thank you,


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