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Error while uploading image

An error occurs everytime I try to upload an image ( see attachmemt). This error started after Studio requested a password reset due to some kind of a "migration" reason. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Can you please send the image in question, so we can test it?

Thx and greetings


Thank you Nicola for your reply.
I don't think this error has to do with a specific image, since it occurs with every image I try to upload n Studio.  Anyhow, attached is one image that failed to upload. 

Thanks for your help :)

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Thank you Nicola for your reply.
I don't think this error has to do with a specific image, since it occurs every time I try to upload an image on Studio.  Nonetheless, please find the attached image (which also failed to upload).
Thank you for your help and support :)


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We're unable to reproduce the error on our side, could you help us to further track it down?

You could try creating a new project and add an image there.

Also while adding the image pay attention to the time it takes. if the error is nearly instant the upload it self might not work. If the error occurs after some time (after the upload) the processing on our server might have an issue.



Thank you Tobias for tackling this issue.

I created a new project, and tried to add a new image. After hitting "upload" , it took around one full minute before returning to the main screen (without completing the upload). 

Trying to add the same image, the error became  nearly instant. The video for this second case is attached.

Again, thank you for your help and support.

Video of  trying to add a new image is here

Video of  trying to add the same image

Thank you for the videos.

I does seem like your browser is unable to connect to the AWS services we use for handling uploads.

Some things you could try to find the cause:

  • use a different browser
  • temporarily disable browser add-ons and try to upload
  • temporarily disable firewall and anti virus software and try to upload
  • try from a different network (e.g. through you phones mobile internet connection sometimes also called LTE/4G)
  • if available, contact an administrator for your network to resolve network configuration issues

I also found a site where you can partly check your connection to AWS [1]. It does not test uploading though so only validates connection not your upload.

Once we know the actual cause we might be able to further assist in resolving the issue.




The above issue was resolved, thank God, after using this browser..

Thank you Tobias, Nicola, and all the Wikitude team for your continuous help and support :)

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