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Object Trackable With extendedTrackingEnbaled Not Working


I have this code:


this.objectTrackable = new AR.ObjectTrackable(this.tracker, "*", {
                drawables: {
                    cam: this.drawables
                onObjectRecognized: this.objectRecognized,
                enableExtendedTracking: true,
                onError: function(errorMessage) {


The 3D models in this.drawables show up just fine but if I move my camera even slightly (even while I can still see a part of the 3D model in view), the model disappears.

Am I wrong in my understanding that "Extended Tracking" does not destroy the presence of the drawable? I am wondering because the drawable is getting destroyed even while it is still in view when I use the code above.

Is there something wrong with my code?

How do I get extended tracking to work properly?

Please help? If I can't get this to work decently I may not be able to use Wikitude.

Thank you.

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I have read this, but is there anything else you see that's missing that I can do? I have tried this outdoors and indoors without any luck.

Is this the only way to get an object to persist?

Hi Eric,

Is the sample app working for you as expected? If so, did you check the code of the sample app against your own?

Also if the issue persists, could you send a video which shows how you scan the object? I'd like to understand the object itself, the movement and the surrounding.

Thx and greetings



Yes I compared it to both the example code seen here:

And to the documentation where it is described.

When I create an Object Trackable using Wikitude Studio (.wto) is it advised to include as much of the scene as possible? What factors help and what factors inhibit this from working?

I will try one more scene to see if it works better and if with that scene it still does not seem to work for me I will record and send it.

Thank you for the response.


If you work with Object Recognition, you should only cover the object / scene that you wish to recognize in the .wto file.

Please send over some sample images of the object so we can check if it's suitable.

Thx and greetings


Ok, I am going this weekend to take some images at the location I want to use in production. Once I have done that I will send it over to you.

I appreciate your help! Thank you...

For outdoor scene recognition, how many images do you recommend? I see best practices for objects and images, but not for scene recognition:

Would I adhere to the same best practices for scenes as I would for objects? Take them in different lighting from multiple angles?

Also, I've noticed that you recommend using HDR mode on the camera for different exposure levels.

Do you also recommend taking photos at different times of the day? Or would this make things worse?

Yes correct - the best practices are also applicable for the scenes. The different lighting of the scenes might make a difference, but it's very scene dependent.

Thx and greetings


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