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Error when running the Samples Examples SDK

I have followed the instructions found here:

I receive the following error when attempting to run the Examples that comes with the SDK:

Android resource linking failed

W/asset ( 3868): Asset path C:\Users\lmitchsmith\Documents\Projects\Kitchen and Coffee\sdk\8_3_2\WikitudeSDK_Android_8-3-2_2019-03-11_09-52-47\Examples\SDKExamples\wikitude-sdk-samples\build\intermediates\processed_res\allarchsDebug\processAllarchsDebugResources\out\resources-allarchsDebug.ap_ is neither a directory nor file (type=1).

error: failed to load include path C:\Users\lmitchsmith\Documents\Projects\Kitchen and Coffee\sdk\8_3_2\WikitudeSDK_Android_8-3-2_2019-03-11_09-52-47\Examples\SDKExamples\wikitude-sdk-samples\build\intermediates\processed_res\allarchsDebug\processAllarchsDebugResources\out\resources-allarchsDebug.ap_.

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Hi Leon,

Thx for reaching out. This sounds like an build issue, that has not necessarily something to do with the SDK itself. When I google the issue, I find a lot of forums handling with the error message 'is neither a directory nor file (type=1). '. 

Did you check the standard Android forums to find further details on the issue itself?

Thx and greetings


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