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Scene Recognition - Placing objects in specific places within the scene


I'm currently experimenting with scene recognition. I have successfully gotten a drawable to pop up when the scene is recognized. However, I would like to have text or images show up in specific places within the scene (in this case a hallway and room). 

It seems like you can place text and images around the point cloud in Wikitude Studio (example attached), but when I added the wto file to Unity and tested it, the labels didn't show up. 

I know the point cloud can't show up in Unity (at least last I read) but is there any way to grab the point cloud coordinates in Unity and have game objects placed in that specific place? Or another solution?

Thanks so much!

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Thank you for experimenting with scene recognition.

The augmentations added in Wikitude Studio are not part of the wto file. The wto file has only the information required to recognize and track the scene, so it's not possible to extract any augmentations from it in Unity.

Adding point cloud rendering  in the Unity Editor is on our roadmap, but we don't yet have a release date for it.

Until then, the only way to place augmentations at a specific place is to use the Live Preview in Unity to track the object directly in the editor and adjust the augmentation in Play Mode. This usually works quite well for objects, but I understand that it can be quite cumbersome to do for a larger scene.

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Thank you so much! This definitely pointed me in the right direction. I also discovered code to be able to target the different objects in a wto file by name, and both things enabled me to place multiple objects around a room! :) I appreciate your help. 

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