Now available: Wikitude SDK 8.3

The Wikitude SDK provides an array of features and extensions that enable developers to create customized AR experiences that perform at the highest level.

To ensure that our developer community has continued access to one of the best AR platforms on the market, we are continuously improving the Wikitude SDK. We’ve had great advancements over that last couple of months, and today we are proud to present Wikitude SDK 8.3!

Wikitude is releasing SDK 8.3 to offer performance enhancements, important fixes, additional product support, compatibility updates and more.

  • UWP Native API – Public Release
  • ARchitect based on Universal SDK
  • Compatibility with Unity 2018.3
  • Last release for Titanium
  • Support for Vuzix M300
  • Critical fixes and stability improvements
  • Faster and more reliable Object Recognition, Extended Tracking, and Instant Tracking

Wikitude SDK 8.3 is available for various supported platforms, extensions, and operating systems. Choose your package by clicking on the button below.

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