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Problems witn Object recognition

Hello, I'm trying to make the photo of my object for object recognition and I have some problems with that.

My photos: attached files (yellow egg, samsung j7).

And I have the following error.


After it in the internet I found good examples of photos(at least I thought so): attached files(red car) and also the problem above...

I've read thisand I don`t get it, because I don`t have an experience in taking photosCan you give me a good example(object tracking and extended object tracking) for understanding?

(105 KB)
(101 KB)
(82.3 KB)


The problem with your object is that it doesn't offer a lot of structure - there is not mucht color difference as well - the different colored dots on the egg are too small for the algorithms to use them as distinctive point. If the egg would have structure with bigger circles or lines all over it, this could be more suitable for the recognition. Further details on the characteristics of 'good objects' can be found here. 



Also can you give me advice? This(Time code 2:10) -> it`s Object recognition or Scene recognition. How did you make the images of the monument?

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