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Native API How to render fixed GUI/button on the screen


Recently I am building an AR android project with native API. 

I want to ask if it is possible to put some GUI layout or fixed button on the screen neglecting the movement of the camera and image recolonization.  I mean, no matter there is image tracking or losing or whatever, the GUI/buttons are still fixed.

Should I  make use of the view matrix in this case?

Is there any example in the Sample code that I omit?

Please kindly give some advice.


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Hi Kim Wong,

As you work with the Native API, the rendering has to be done / implmented on your end - it's not handled by the SDK by default. If you wish to make use of our Rendering options, you'd need to work with the JS API, Cordova, Xamarin or Unity Plugin. This is also the reason why we don't offer any sample code on specific rendering options.

You can find a comparison here.

Thx and greetings


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