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Wikitude studio Augmentation orientation wrong

Im having an issue when using cloud recognition and Wikitude studio. I have an image target with a 3d Model and can recognise and render the model in my application, However when the augmentation displays, the x-Value rotation is flipped 180 degrees even though the rotation values returned from Wikitude studio matches the values set in the editor for the editor values:


  And the values returned from wikitude studio to the application:


The path to the rotation values in app is data.augmentations[0]).properties.rotate but when my model renders in app its facing the opposite direction than in the editor , Im setting up my model like so:

var augmentations = data.augmentations[0];
World.testModel = new AR.Model(augmentations.uri, {
                    onLoaded: World.onLoaded,

  Just want to check if I am missing a step or if there is a property I am not setting correctly? Have tested this target using the Wikitude application and the model renders facing the correct direction,  I'm Using Wikitude JS SDK version 8.2.0

Could you send the target id? You find it in the properties dialog in the target overview.

Thank you,


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Yes no problem here you go: 5c6446fba47e060be9071cc7

Sorry that was Model property id here is target id: 5c6446ced855ab0bf5d3859a

Just wondering if there are any updates on this?

After more investigation this seems to be happening for any models I load using Wikitude studio as you can see from the image below, in the editor the augmentation is facing to the right but when I load it in app the model faces to the left. I have checked the rotate, scale and translate properties in the app that are being set on the augmentation and they all exactly match what is in Wikitude studio. The model loads correctly when using the wikitude app so I don't know if they are manually flipping the rotation values? 


seems I am having a similar problem 

Hi Julien,

In a different post you seem to work with Unity. As this post is related to the web tool - Wikitude Studio Editor, which is not compatible with Unity, could you please clarify if you have the issue in Unity or the Studio Editor?

If it's a Studio Editor problem, please provide further details if you have problems with the definition of Image or Object Targets (as in the other post you're referring to Object targets but this post is dealing with Image Targets)?

Thx and greetings


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