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Scale content to the size of the cloud target

Good Morning,
I'm trying to make a picture (content) on 2 different targets. One target has dimensions of 3200x2000px, the other target is 1200x800px. I tried to calculate a scaling factor by dividing the height of the target by the height of the content image (500x500px). However, this does not lead to a real result. Can anyone explain how I can scale my content 1 to 1 to the image target? Incidentally, the targets are loaded via a cloud.


Many Thanks...
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the size of the augmentation will adjust to the physical size of the image target automatically. Specifically, the view matrix we provide creates an Euclidean coordinate system where 1 virtual unit is equal to the longer side of your image target.

So, if you had a cube with a side length of 1 virtual unit as an augmentation, it would have a 10cm side length on a 10cmx5cm target, and a 20cm side length on a 20cmx20cm target.

The size in pixels is entirely irrelevant for this process. The physical size of the image (how big you print it, how big it is shown on a screen) is what matters.

Does that clear things up?

- Daniel

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