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Generated WTO are too big to be loaded without crash

Hi Wikitude,

We can't load some .wto generated in wikitude studio because the files are too big.

For instance the following file, representing 6 targets, is 33 MB ! Then it does not load on an iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or an iPad Pro 9.7" for instance.

We used the phonegap sample project to do our test.  On one of the object tracking example, we just exchanged the firetruck.wto by our file. The app crash after few seconds when we try to load this file due to a memory issue.

I filled a feature request that could be a solution for this problem here :

Hope you can find a solution. The new .wto generation technique with photos is great, but it seems to not be viable with more than one target at the time.

Have a good week,


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