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Implement Navigation with Wikitude


I'm trying to implement something similar to the attached GIF using wikitude but have not found a way yet.

How can I:

  1. use this solution alongside wikitude on ARKit supported devices and fallback to Wikitude on lower end ones.
  2. implement it solely with Wikitude (this covers Android devices as well)

Wikitude SDK: 8.2.0 (Javascript SDK)

iOS version: 11 (iPhone 6)

Code used from example folder: 10_BrowsingPois_3_LimitingRange

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The Wikitude  SDK doesn't support turn-by-turn features. You'd need to integrate a  navigation solution that provides the turn-by-turn feature and then display waypoints in AR. As we don't offer this feautre at the moment,  we don't have any samples for this though.

Thx and greetings


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