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Instant Tracking without grid ui, is it possible ?

 hi, In the wikitude 8.2 unity3d example project, there is a scene called "Instant Tracking - Simple".

How it (Instant Tracking Simple Scene) works :-

- We open the scene,  (i.e user action)

- then we align the green grid on some surface like ground (i.e user action)

- then we hit the 'initilize' button and the grid turns orange (i.e user action)

- after that we can place the objects like chair, table on the ground.  (i.e user action)

How i want it to work :- (Is it possible ?)

- We open the scene (i.e user action)

- from the camera view, the sdk automatically scans, decide and set the ground plane (i.e that grid ui)  (i.e NO user action)

- i.e sdk initilizes the ground plane itself (i.e NO user action)

- user only have to tap the object like Chair to place it on the ground (i.e this is the only user action)

In simple words, we need to remove the ground plane or grid alignment and the initilization button press from the end user tasks.

We want that he only opens the scene and points his camera towards ground and clicks the chair and the chair automatically gets places on the ground, he need not to work about aligning the grid or hitting the  initilization button.

This will give a better user experience to our end user.

Pls let me know. thank you.

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You can of course initialize automatically as soon as the InstantTracker.CanStartTracking() method returns true. The origin will be wherever the user was looking at that moment, and the ground plane will be perpendicular to the gravity. This doesn't require any user interaction, but might lead to sub-optimal initialization (in case the user was moving the device, for example).

We are aware that manual initialization is not optimal from a user experience perspective and we are looking into ways to improve this in the future.

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