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iOS - SDK 8.x - Crash with some old sdk 7 .wto files

Hi Wikitude, 

We have some problems on SDK 8 with old .wto files generated from the SDK 7 era. Some .wto files causes a lot of crash on iOS.

I attached two problematic .wto files to this message, with some image of the targets that causes crashes when they are pointed at.

In the best case we are able to track these objects for few seconds, and then the app crashes.

There is also a screenshot of an error log in xcode.

I reproduced the errors on the last cordova sample app (SDK8.2), by changing the firetruck.wto with my files, in this example : 06_ObjectTracking_1_BasicObjectTracking.

I used an iPhone 6s and an iPad Pro 9.7" with iOS 12. Tell me if you need more info to reproduce the bug.

I also tried to import these files in wikitude studio manager (within a new sdk 8 "object project"), in order to reexport the targets in a new SDK 8 .wto file, but I have an error when I try to import the old files.

Hope you can have a look soon,


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