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Re-Enabled InstantTracker not working with SMART enabled

Disabling the InstantTracker component and then re-enabling it at runtime generates the following error and does not track when calling CanStartTracking():

Could not check if tracking can be started because the InstantTracker doesn't exist!

This error is expected while the tracking is disabled but is generated in Editor and on iOS device when SMART is enabled and the tracker has been re-enabled.

This appears to be related to topic


Wikitude 8.2 SDK for Unity

Unity 2018.1.3f1 on OSX

IOS 11.0

Steps to reproduce:

1) Run Instant Tracking - Simple scene

2) Initialize Tracking

3) Reset

4) disable InstantTracking component and then re-enable

5) Initialize Tracking

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We've found the problem the it should be fixed in the next version of the SDK.

Until then, the only workaround is to destroy and re-create the InstantTracker component.

Best regards,

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