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VideoDrawable Running Feedback

Is there anyway to get a feedback when some video play a specified frame?

I have a video which has 10seg, I want to know when this video passed on 7seg, I will make something like Show other object?

Could you have an event with parameter like onPlay, where I can know the instance of which frame of my video like

function onPlay(second) {
      if (second == 7) {

Actually I am using setTimeout to get this information, but I have a problem when the user lost de Image and I need to Stop de Video and comeback to the begin.

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We currently don't support any feedback, functions that allow this kind of 'realtime video feedback behaviour' out of the box. Working with a workaround like you mention above would be feasible. You can e.g. on RecognitionLost check the time and start from this one on Recognition started.



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