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using app splitting with obb file disables tracking

The problem occurs when I split the apk and generate an obb file.

Starting the App and navigating to the Scene where I use Wikitude everything seams normal. The Camera feed is active and no errors are thrown. The Problem however is Wikitude won't recognize my tracking Images. 

Can the wtc file be my Problem. Wikitude needs it in the Streaming Assets and those are put into the obb. 

I am great full for all help and tips.


The only thing that could be blocking the app would be the request to extract the file, which is happening on line 50 of the original script:

                while (!request.isDone); /* Block until the request is done. */

Can you please add some logs to check if this is indeed where the blocking happens? Aside from that, it would still be useful to post the full logs, as there may be other clues regarding what is actually wrong.

Thank you,


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