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instant tracker "unable to save current instant target"

Hi there everyone,

I'm trying to test the functionality of wikitude to see if it suits my team's needs for a cross-platform AR toolkit.

To this end, I've modified the Instant Tracker View Controller in the iOS Native Examples project to include a save and load function, implemented as per the documentation. 


As you can see in the above image, I have made sure to check that the requirements listed in the documentation are met (imageTracker is currently tracking at 138, directory exists at 145). The first function runs through and passes all the checks and calls saveTarget(url:) at line 165. However, the error handler is called anyway, triggering the print statement at 172: 


The error message does not give any information about what went wrong during the save process and as I have already ensured the requirements from the documentation are met, I am unsure how to fix this issue and get the save function to work.

The API version is 


I am using an iPhone X to perform the text. I have not modified the Native Examples project in any way except to add the above functions, a load function, and the two corresponding UIButtons. 

I just noticed that the check to see if the directory existed instead checked to see if it did NOT exist. I fixed it by removing the "== false" at line 144. The error still occurs.

Okay, I was passing the wrong URL into the save function. Thanks for rubber ducking me, forum. I'll see myself out now.

Hi Edmund,

No worries ;) . I am glad you were able to figure out your issue by yourself. If you have any problems in the future we are here to support you



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