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How to track a building/room/statue?

According to the docs, it should be possible to define a scene as a tracker. I'm currently attempting to create a tracker of my living room but am getting constant `Target creation failed` messages when setting it up, I have checked that my fov is correct. 

I'm attaching a zip with the images that I'm using to create my room tracker, each image was shot at 24mp on a full frame camera @ 24mm, the fov I found online for the horizontal is "73.7".

I'm also using SDK 8.x (Object) on the studio

Link to Images

Hey Joe,

I have a similar use case. Did you manage to fix it and do it correctly ?


Etienne Silvio

Hi Joe,

Thanks a lot for the detailed information. We'll investigate internally to come up with a better error message. I think that the images do not cover the room in a way the algorithm can reconstruct your living room.

Could you give the following a try:

  • Define a corner of your living room and create pictures of different angles of this corner. 3 in far distance, 3 very close and 10+ from different angles within the room. That way you provide enough depth information for a 3D reconstruction.
  • Once this "corner of interest" is working, you can apply same for the rest of the room, always considering the different angle/distance.

Sorry for the inconvenience and all the best for your project.


Andreas Fötschl

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