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Unity - How can I place an object in the exact position as in Wikitude Studio?

I need to show a 3D model overlapping my target, which basically have the same shape.

So I created an object target in Wikitude Studio, moved the resulting point cloud so that it's center corresponds aproximately to the origin, then added a 3D model and placed it according to the point cloud.
I read that the Unity SDK can't show the .wt3 model, so I added the same model as a child of the Trackable prefab in Unity, but when the target is detected and the model shown, it is completely misplaced: it shows with it's pivot on top of the camera, so I see the model from below, instead of in front of it.

I also saw that the firetruck augmentation prefab is rotated and moved, so I guess I should do that to, but how do I know how much I have to move my GameObject?

Is there a specific procedure or is it just by trial and error? The way the firetruck is positioned seems fairly specific, so I would guess there's a proper way to do this?

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Unfortunately at the moment the process is mostly by trial and error. We know this is a major inconvenience and we're working on bringing the same functionality to Unity, but we don't have a specific release date for that yet.

Until then, the easiest way to get the alignment right is to use the Live Preview feature. The best way is to either use it with a mobile webcam that you can easily move around the object, or to use Unity Remove. By doing so, you can track the object directly inside the editor and tweak the position in the inspector, without having to constantly rebuild on a device.

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