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AR Tracking doesn't work on Galaxy Tab A (SM-T585)

Hello everyone,

we developed an AR application that doesn't work fine on the Galaxy Tab A (SM-T585 running Android 7.0). The tracking doesn't start at all.

We tried the Native SDK Examples and the "Instant Tracking -> Simple" demo doesn't work too.

We are using Wikitude SDK 8.0



Can you try if you have the same issue with SDK 8.2? 

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola, thanks for your fast reply.

We will try the Native Examples from SDK 8.2 and i'll report back you ASAP.

Thanks you.


Hi Nicola, we tried with the new Native Examples from SDK 8.2 but the result is the same.

Like the previous version, it say:

Running without platform assisted tracking(ARCore) (which is fine i suppose, since that tablet doesn't support ARCore)

But nothing happen on screen.. the red rectangle is missing.

Please let me know.



Hello, i received an official response from developers directly to my email address. I already sent two replies to that email but noone answered.

From what they said the problem is the missing Gyro on the device. In the next version they will add an error for that specific case, but does that mean that there no way to execute Instant Tracking with devices without the Gyro?

The documentation on the website talk about Accelerometer (which is definetly present on Galaxy Tab A), not Gyroscope. Can someone clarify that?



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