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Show AR on QR-code


I'm trying to create an Cordova application which reads a QR-code, shows AR(AR.HtmlDrawable) and information contained in the QR-code.

Is this possible with the Wikitude Cordova plugin?

Thank you,


Hi Jonas,

The Cordova Plugin doesn't support the feature 'Plugins API', which allows you to integrate a third party library like a QR code reader. If you wish to integrate a QR code reader lib then you'd need to use our JS SDK, Native SDK or Unity Plugin.





Is there any solution to achieve scanning barcode/QR code and providing the user with information using AR (using Cordova Plugin)?

Perhaps scanning object which contains barcode (using other cordova plugin) and then use Wikitude to show informations about that barcode?



Hi David,

A separate Cordova plugin that would scan a barcode would not be compatible with our SDK. So if you really want to scan a barcode then, your only option is to go with either our Javascript SDK or our Native SDK.



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