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SDK 8.1 - Energy efficiency mode causes crashes on some image targets

Hi Wikitude,

First congrats on your work on the new energy efficiency mode. We are testing the SDK 8.1 and this new mode allows our app to be way more performant.

However, it also comes with crashes on some image targets. Attached to this post you will find a .wtc with a set of targets that causes the app to crash most of the time (when efficiency mode is activated).

We are doing our tests within the last cordova sample app that shipped with SDK 8.1, on iPad 2017 and iPad Pro (with iOS 12).

Don't hesitate to tell us if you need any help to reproduce the bug.



Hi Amaury,

thanks for the report. Do you have crash.log files, that you can send us and also tell us the exact steps to reproduce the crash? This will speed up the investigation of this potential bug. 

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi Amaury,

Thx for reporting the issue. I was running the SDK in our test environment and couldn't reproduce the problem. Can you send us a device screen recording while you track the target and the app crashes? Also the crash log would be very interesting to read through.

As this is a new feature, I would really like to understand what is causing the problem, so any help from your side to reproduce the issue on our side is highly appreciated.

Andreas Schacherbauer

Hi and thanks for your fast answer.

This is a video where :

- I show my code changes on the phonegap-sample app.

- I open the image target and I point at it

- The crash happens

- I show the log in xcode

This was done on a iPad Pro 9.7" on iOS 12.

I tested on a iPhone 6s and I have the exact same pb.

This is a screenshot of Xcode showing the details about the crash with more details :


Tell me if you need more info.


Hi @Wikitude,

Did you manage to reproduce the bug on your side ?

Have a good day,



We're still on it and our tech team is providing feedback via this thread once we have further details.

Thx and greetings


Hi Amaury,

We were able to reproduce the issue. A fix will be included in the next release.

Thx again for reporting the issue!

Best regards,

Cool this problem seems to be resolved with the new SDK 8.2 !

yep, thx again for making us aware of the problem!

Best regards,
Andreas Schacherbauer

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