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Deleted .twc Files Keeps Getting Auto-Generated

I uploaded some .twc files to my Unity project. After a while I deleted the .twc file but when I pressed the "Run" button on the Editor, it is auto-generated somehow. Now I can't get rid of that file. How can I fix this problem?

PS: The .twc file I delete doesn't delete I guess. Because when I delete it it doesn't go to the recycle bin and waiting after a few seconds, it comes back to the folder where I deleted it.


I assume you are referring to .wtc files? Are the files generated with the WTC Editor inside Unity, or were they created in the Target Manager and manually placed in the project?

Have you tried closing the Unity Editor completely and then deleting the file from Windows Explorer / Finder?

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Yeah. I am able to delete the file after closing the Unity Editor. But it is annoying to close Unity Editor and reopen it every single time I want to make a change or delete a .twc file in my project. Aren't there any fixes for this problem?


Are you using Windows or macOS? Which version of Unity and the Wikitude SDK are you running?

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I am using Windows 10 and I am running Unity 2018.2.6.f1. I don't know which version of the Wikitude SDK I am using, I downloaded the SDK from a Udemy course.

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