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Issues of using an object 3D as a target

I followed the Unity 3D samples using object 3d tracking from Wikitude.

I created a new 3D object using Wikitude Studio and I downloaded the new WTO file.

My real world target was recognized as well and my virtual trackable object was placed in front the real target.

However, when I tried to rotate my target in 360 degrees, the trackable object did not follow at the same degree according the real world object.

Besides that, I cannot place the virtual trackable object behind the target.

Instead of that, the behavior is like I used a 2D target.

When I move the object to put it behind the real object, the effect I have is to see the object further away.

The questions are: 

Is it possible I rotate around the real target?

I mean, If I rotate around 360 degrees, can I see the virtual object behind the real target?

Would I have to create a virtual 3d version of the object to use as mesh over the real object?

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Please have a look at how occluders work, either in our documentation, or by inspecting the FiretruckAugmentation prefab from our samples.

Basically, you need to add an occluder object as an augmentation as well. This is a transparent object that should resemble our real object as much as possible, and its role is to hide virtual object are placed behind the real one.

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